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The update of APP novel area is completed

The new fiction area is easier to access. The function of labeling tags to novels has been added, and you can search by labels. Search options can be saved for quick viewing of results later.
You can view the history of the chapters you have read, and you can quickly enter the chapters you have read before.
Font size of the novel text is adjustable, night mode has been enabled for new novel read page.
The next update plan is:
- Add function of novel upload in the app and FetiClub, and will be able to upload audio files;
- Add audio novel area, and audio playback function in chapters with audio files.
This is an automatic update, and the update progress will be displayed after opening the app. After progress finished, exit the app and reopen it to complete the update.
If you encounter any problems or suggestions for the update, please contact customer service for feedback.
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