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FetiClub and the app picture area have added an AI section.

Our AI Academy has been online for a month, and together with the AI pictures uploaded by other members before, the picture area already has quite a bit of AI content.
In order to have more excellent AI works in the picture area while considering the interests of original authors, we have added an AI section to the FetiClubwebsite and app.
When entering the picture area, all content is displayed by default. At the top, there will be buttons to only view either human created works or AI works. All other functions of the original human created works remain unchanged, and further screening and sorting can be carried out after entering the AI works section.
The AI section is also divided into a free area (gold area), a diamond area, and an original area. AI works can be published as originals. The commission ratio is the same as for human created works, and there is no limit on the selling price.
There are some requirements for uploading AI works: You must check the "This is AI content" option on the page when uploading. To post to the AI original area, you must provide the name of the software used for generation and the prompting words. The diamond area and gold area also prohibit the pirate of existing AI originals within the site.
AI works in the AI section will have an AI tag added to the top left corner of the thumbnail for user identification.
This update does not require reinstalling the app, the code will be updated automatically. After the update is complete, you just need to exit the app and reopen it.
The next step will be to add the AI Academy to the app.
If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions about the AI section, please feel free to give feedback to our customer service.
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